7 Online Data Entry Jobs that pay you at least $20 daily without any investment.

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Today i am going to Discussing about  the Very Useful Topic – “ ONLINE  DATA  ENTRY  JOBS  THAT  PAY  YOU  AT LEAST $20 DAILY WITHOUT  ANY  INVESTMENT”.

How to find online data entry jobs

How to find online data entry jobs

Now a days, in the real world, there are Inflation is very increased, and cost of the product are also increased. So, our life-style becomes very costly in today.

So, at the free time earning  Money is almost  required. now we can solve this problem very simply  and at the home and in our free time.  Just only Two main requirement for this task

  1. Computer Or Laptop
  2. Internet Connection.

Yes, now a days by using Computer, We can make and earn good money through the internet in your free time and at your home.

You can work with two types of computer Jobs easily using computer.

  1. Online Computer Jobs.
  2. Offline Computer Jobs.


Online data entry jobs

By using internet  you find some work and perform that work online by using the internet at your home is known as online computer  jobs.

Online Computer Jobs is required internet connection at your home. For example,online form filling jobs.

Online data entry jobs

Online data entry jobs

Offline data entry jobs.

you find some work and perform that work offline without internet at your home is known as offline computer  jobs. For example,offline data entry jobs.

Offline data entry work at home

Offline data entry work at home

There are many kinds of home based computer jobs are available in over the internet.

It may be …

  1.  Captcha Entry Jobs
  2.   Copy & Paste Jobs
  3.   Micro Jobs
  4.   Basic Typing Jobs
  5.   Survey Forms Jobs
  6.   Form Filling Jobs
  7.    Image To Text Jobs
  8.   Medical Transcription  Jobs
  9.   Formatting  Jobs
  10.    Contect Writing Jobs
  11.   Catalog Data Entry   Operator Job
  12. Proofreading and Copywriting Jobs
  13. Medical  Coding Jobs
  14. Payroll Data Entry Operator
  15. Email Processing


Captcha Data Enrty Job

A CAPTCHA is a one kind of the verification method, Which used for the user authentication. A  CAPTCHA is in a Image format , basically used for to protect the unauthorized access by the some one else. CAPTCHA is look like this.

Captcha data entry job

Captcha data entry job

So, whenever we want to create account  in some website like Google ,facebook , twitter  etc then we see one image at the end of the registration form with some text or puzzle or calculation.

For example 5 * 5 ?

We need to be solve that puzzle and fill up correct answer in to the text box.

Captcha entry jobs

CAPTCHA ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOB is now become instrument to Earn More Money at your home. You can just do captcha data entry jon at home and that’s done.

Many websites that need to be login or visit  many  other websites everyday that time these websites create one software that login at multiple sites but this software can not be able to solve these CAPTCHA.

Therefore these site hire some one else who has solve this CAPTCHA.

In sort, we just need to be work as CAPTCHA Solver By solving the CAPTCHA in to the software.

This is very best home based online data entry job.You just need computer or laptop with internet connectivity and some knowledge about internet surfing.


I Found some websites where you can find CAPTCHA online data entry work.

Top  sites for Captcha data entry jobs

  • MegaTypers
  • Captcha2Cash
  • com
  • VirtualBee
  • 2Captcha


Mega typers.com

A MEGATYPERS.COM  is a website that provide online home based data entry jobs for us . In this job we just only doing to convert image format’s  into the text format’s it is a very simple job that can be easily work by us at home and any  time. To find this kind of work then you just need to be rich at the  WWW. MEGATYPERS.COM .Then you signup with this site and find work basic Requirement is you should be able to write at least 15 or 20 words per minute. You should earn $100 to $250 or much more  per month. And you should get payment via PayPal ,debit card etc.


Captcha2Cash is a another website that provide online home based jobs for  us. Captcha2Cash website we can easily  to find your job. In this site we earn $1 per 1000 Images solved Successfully. We can easily find a lots of Captcha data entry jobs from the www.Captcha2cash.com



Kolotibablo.com  has been provide an online home based data entry jobs.  In this site we can convert a images in to the text formats for  easily. Kolotibablo.com is pay money for the $1 per 1000 or more images is typed. In this website is provides a payments on Time for the  lost of peoples everyday. You will be find  a perfect captcha data entry jobs from the www.kolotibablo.com


Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee is a one of the oldest website for captcha data entry jobs. It’s launched  in 2001. It’s provide a best home based online  jobs.

You will receive the catcha job as per your score. Your minimum score is 0  and Maximum 100 then you can start a this job. Virtual Bee Provide  evaluation test once you can join it and earn money online.


Copy & Paste Jobs

Copy & Paste is a one of the most important and very easy Home based  online and offline jobs to earn money. If you are a housewife , retiree or looking for job, so Copy & Paste jobs is best for you.

In this article i am  explain about  the How to earn money online by the Copy and Paste jobs. And  How to find a best  Copy & Paste  jobs.


 What is Copy & Paste job ?

Copy & Paste Jobs is a one of the Data Entry jobs. it’s very easy jobs without any investment . Copy & Paste jobs  is copy form the one  word or PDF document  into another word or PDF document.

Copy  & Paste Jobs could be online and offline work. offline

In copy and paste work is  you can write some word document and   save in your computer. Then send to the company and earn money. If it is online copy paste work is copy and paste for the use of internet or directly paste some text on the company website it’s very easy.


We can easy to find copy and Paste work for the internet. And some of the newspapers. In  today the best way to find your correct and best Copy Paste jobs is through internet. you can earn up to  $300 to $500 per month from the copy and paste job.

Online Copy and Paste jobs is best because you don’t need to any work experience  or degree. So any job less person can start  a copy paste job for the any investment and earn money from the Home based online jobs.

Some of the disadvantages for the Copy & Paste jobs are if you work is not perfect then they can cancel your membership.

Micro Jobs


What is micro job ?

Micro online job is a  easy and simple type of job where simple task is assign to employers which can be completed in a few minutes. In this job  no much  knowledge and experience is required.

The task life

  • Writing comments
  • Finding some desire images
  • Finding some contact details in to the some websites.
  • Giving some rating and reviews on articles etc.


What is micro workers ?

A micro worker  is an employer which is woks in the Microsoft for earn money by performing simple task.


Who can work as micro workers ?



Part time and full time employees.

Housewife And senior citizens

Micro jobs is a one of the most recommended  online data entry jobs.  There are multiple sites  provide micro jobs where you can join it. And  you can earn  up to $100 to $200 per month for a simple Micro Data entry Jobs . I found some  websites which provide this kind of work which listed here…..

  • CloudCrowd
  • RapidWorkers
  • CrowdFlower
  • Crowdtap
  • Samasource
  • MicroWorkers
  • ShortTask
  • MinuteWorkers
  • ClickWorker

Basic Typing Job

Online typing job is a  best home based online jobs that give way to earn money from home. Typing is a one of the skill


Who can work as typer ?



Part time and full time employees.

Housewife And senior citizens

There are lots of peoples can search for different types of data entry jobs like captcha  job, form filling ,formatting etc. But some of the people can not find particular job.

In the typing job one fact is mostly recommended which is a typing speed, if you have a good typing speed my means if you should be able to write a paragraph or make fast data entry then you can earn much more money from this kind of job. so fast typing speed  is a good skill for this kind of data entry job. A good typist should have 25 + WPM speed. my means if you should able to write more then 25 words within a  1 minutes then you can  make good money online from this job.

You should use a software like typing master  to increase  your typewriting speed. Remember  that in the typing online data entry job, your writing accuracy as a strictly  recommended . my means you need to be write correct words in your work.

In Online typing job  you may be work as a freelancer  so  you can be find this kind of work from the following freelancer  website.

To find work you first need to be  make registration  into the freelance websites like www.freelancer.com as a freelancer  and find your work.

Survery forms

A large survey is a taken by the  huge  companies ,institutes, organizations  to getting a valuable response  from the their users. this survey is a very very important  for these companies . by using this kind of survey they will check that the product or system is a work correctly or not.

By doing this type of survey data entry jobs we can make a huge amount of money.

This kind of online data entry job is a very very  simple. here  we need to be filling the  survey form by giving a word valuable opinions ,suggestion or feedback. And we need to be submit this survey form and these companies give money for this task. here in the survey form there are simple questions and we need to be give a appropriate answer . for example….  which is your favorite  coca cola product and you should be give a answer  of your chaise in above questions.

There are  many websites  there you can find this kind of work

  • InboxDollars
  • Star Panel
  • iPanelOnline India
  • SurveyHead
  • Toluna India
  • PermissionResearch
  • Planet Pulse



Formatting means to format and design the document file in this type online data entry jobs, you should be need to design a word document  in a  proper design , proper structure as well as with a proper color combination  as per requirement of the client.  This kind of online job required  some experience . so you should be expert in to the ms word.

In this kind of job  you may be work as a freelancer  so  you can be find this kind of work from the following freelancer  website. In formatting online data entry job, once you are master, you can earn lot of money at home or office.

To find work you first need to make registration  into the freelance websites like www.freelancer.com as a freelancer  and find your work.


7.Content Writing

A content writing is a deferent kind of  online job. if you will be master  in to the writing something then this kind of job is best matching For you. If you have good thinking power ,logic power , a good philosopher or a good knowledge  about you favorite work area then this kind of job is for you. In the content writing  job you need to be write some articles, post on a specific subject  if you should be able to write good articles then  you can get more money then other.

Types of online writing jobs.

1) Make money writing articles online
2) Make money writing advertisement
3) Make money blogging
4) Make money writing articles to promote website
5) Make money writing reviews

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